Webinar: Serious Adverse Events - Safe Drugs and Safe MDA Programs - Managing Adverse Events and SAEs for Neglected Tropical Diseases

Publication date
August 2015
Type of resource
Other Guidance
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Dr. Kumaraswami provides an overview of the new Handbook for managing adverse events following mass drug administration (AEs-f-MDA) and serious adverse events (SAEs), which prepares managers of preventive chemotherapy national neglected tropical disease (NTD) programs to effectively prepare for and manage SAEs and AEs.  The webinar the provides a summary of the key steps to SAE management, including responding to patient and community needs, determining if an event should be considered and SAE, reporting SAEs, investigating to determine causality, and correcting the problem to ensure the future success of MDA programs. Following these key concepts, Dr. Kamgno shares experience from Cameroon and Dr. Direny shares experience from Haiti.


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