Lessons Learned Implementing NTD Programs during COVID-19

Act to End NTDs | East Program
Publication date
April 2021
Type of resource
COVID-19 and NTDs

Neglected tropical disease (NTD) activities were halted during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Following World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines,  NTD programs are resuming worldwide. ​

The USAID Act to End NTDs | East program has supported countries in Africa, Asia, and the Americas to reach their NTD control and elimination goals. ​Currently, we are supporting countries to conduct risk benefit assessments to determine when and how to resume NTD programming. As activities resume, we are continually learning lessons and new ways of adapting during this global pandemic. We plan to rapidly share summaries of these learnings to support the wider NTD-fighting community.  ​This resource provides lessons learned from NTD activities in six countries – DRC, Indonesia, Nepal, Uganda, Tanzania, and Vietnam – amid COVID-19.