Facilitating Multisectoral Coordination and Engagement for NTD Sustainability

As part of a three brief series developed by @USAID’s Act to End Neglect Tropical Diseases (NTDs) | West program, this technical brief that discusses how national NTD Programs are working to secure multisectoral coordination and engagement in the fight against NTDs by contributing to the sustainability of NTD programming. This strategy requires support and action from government and private entities representing sectors including education, WASH, and finance, among others. Multisectoral coordination and engagement shifts NTD interventions from partner-driven to country-driven and strengthens holistic commitments and mainstreaming of NTD functions across government strategies and universal health care efforts. The Brief draws on Act | West’s experiences and lessons learned from providing support to nine West African countries to implement the USAID NTD sustainability framework and seeks to generate dialogue among development actors on how future projects and investments can best support NTD program sustainability.