Advancing Sustainability in NTD Programs through Strengthening Ownership and Collaboration

Act to End Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) | West
Publication date
April 2022
Type of resource
Technical Briefs

As part of a three-brief series developed by USAID’s Act to End Neglect Tropical Diseases (NTDs) | West program, this Technical Brief discusses the importance of strengthening country ownership of NTD interventions, including through service delivery, policy planning, and financing. To promote country ownership, NTDPs are leading efforts to increase domestic resource mobilization, garner commitment from cross-sector stakeholders, and leverage existing platforms within and outside the health sector. This paradigm shift drives forward tailored interventions aligned with local context, national priorities, and NTDP goals for long-term sustainability. The Brief draws on Act | West’s experiences and lessons learned from providing support to nine West African countries to implement the USAID NTD sustainability framework and seeks to generate dialogue among development actors on how future projects and investment can best support NTD program sustainability.